Congratulations Maya Canales!

posted Nov 9, 2016, 9:24 AM by Russell Avina   [ updated Nov 9, 2016, 9:25 AM ]
Maya Canales was a winner in the Scary Story Contest at the Pueblo City-County Library!

Her winning story is below, read if you dare:

My Teddy Bear Catastrophe

It all started on a warm beautiful day so my grandma and I

were yard saleing around town. We went to many houses

and bought a lot of different items. At the time I was 4

years old and I was in love with stuffed animals especially

if they talked or moved. Meanwhile we stopped at an old,

creepy, spine-chilling house. While we were there and I

was looking around and I spotted a red fluffy teddy bear

with white on its ears, a white nose, and a plastic heart

that was 3D with writing on the heart that read you are my

sunshine. I begged and begged my grandmother to get it

for me. Finally after all that begging my grandma said

“Okay fine” she picked up the teddy bear and observed it.

What she realized was that it needed batteries and the

heart was a button so she told me “On our way home we

will go and buy batteries for your bear”. Two hours later

we were ready to go home so we went to the store and

bought batteries. When we arrived home my grandma put

the batteries in the bear. I pushed the button and it was

flashing red like a heartbeat and it started to sing “ You are

my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when

skies are gray you’ll never know dear how much I love you

so please don't take my sunshine away.” After three

weeks of me playing with it and taking it everywhere I went

I stopped playing with it because it I used to say “

Grandma my bear scares me!” A week later after I

stopped playing with it, It started playing by itself exactly at

three in the morning every night. My grandma became

furious because she thought my mom was pulling a prank

to try to scare everyone so when my grandma went to

lecture her she realized my mom was sound asleep so my

grandma when to see if I was awake playing with my bear

but I was also sound asleep. My grandma didn’t think

nothing of it so she went back to bed. The next day at

three am it went of again and this time my mom and my

grandma both woke up. They both asked each other if

they were messing with that bear and they both said no!

They once again thought nothing of it and went to bed.

Two days later at three am it went off so my mom and my

grandma were very angry so my grandma said “ You know

what maybe it’s just the batteries so let's just throw the

batteries away”. So they threw the batteries away and my

grandma put the bear in her closet and they went to bed.

We slept peacefully for a month straight. Sadly a month

later we were disturbed by the singing of my bear. We all

woke up and saw the bear on the table so someone was

pranking us somehow so we all were like did you put the

batteries back in and we all said no! My mom said “ If

none of us did it then there are no batteries in that bear!”

My grandma said,  ̈we might as well check but there has

to be batteries in there ̈ so my grandma flips over the bear

and opens the batteries case and sure enough there was

no batteries in the bear. We all got terrified my grandma

grabbed a trash bag right away, put the bear in it, tied it

tightly, and put on the porch so in the morning she can

throw it in the trash. We all went to bed. My grandma

woke up and threw it away. Ever since then we haven't

seen the bear but we still hear it!!!!!