Phoenix find special way to thank veterans

posted Jun 3, 2017, 3:08 PM by P AA   [ updated Jun 3, 2017, 3:10 PM ]

A group of Phoenix students spent the entire school year putting together a special gift to say thank you to some of our veterans here in Southern Colorado.

About 100 sixth grade students at Pueblo Academy of Arts were involved with the project. During the school year, they spent every Friday making quilts to give to men and and women at the veterans' home in Walsenburg.

The best part was they got to meet a couple of them at school on Friday and say thank you in person.

Sixth grade teacher Sheryl Siegmann's son is in the military, so she came up with the idea as part of the school's enlightenment curriculum.

Students were so excited to present the nine months of hard work they put in to making the 106 quilts, and they said they hope the quilts will serve as a constant reminder to veterans about how appreciated they are.

"It was an honor," 6th grade student Caitlyn Padallia said. "I've never gotten to meet a real veteran except for at military school. You put in so much effort just like they put in so much work and effort to keep our freedom."

"It's a very emotional type thing. Once we take the quilts back to the home and distribute them out, the veterans are very appreciative of the quilts and their effort to make something for them," said veteran David Rogers with the American Legion of Walsenburg, Post 16.

This is the first time the veterans' home has had a school do something like this for them. On Friday, they told students they would love to have them come down and visit with veterans sometime.