Veronika String Quartet

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The award-winning Veronika String Quartet (VSQ) established itself as an outstanding ensemble very early in its formation in Moscow in 1989. The group is known for its versatility and “extraordinary musicianship”. The unique sound of the VSQ has led to success in international competitions as well as in concert halls throughout the U.S. and abroad. The Quartet distinguished itself early in its career by winning top prizes in string quartet competitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow. These were followed by triumphs at the Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition and Chamber Music at Yellow Springs Competition (OH). The VSQ has performed widely in the U.S., Australia, Europe, Russia, and the Middle East, and currently resides in Southern Colorado. The VSQ has contributed immensely to the revitalization of classical music in the Southwest, performing in a vast array of venues to dramatically increasing audience numbers. Recognized throughout the state of Colorado, the quartet has appeared frequently on NPR’s Colorado Spotlight Series and regularly receives grants from the Colorado Council on the Arts for launching its own popular and criticallyacclaimed concert series in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. The Denver Post featured the Veronika String Quartet in an article on Oct.7, 2012, calling them one of Colorado’s five best chamber music groups performing today. “Colorado’s chamber-music scene is as rich as it is diverse. So we thought we’d call out the premiere ensembles in the state and introduce you to a few professional chamber-music groups worth hearing,” writes the Denver Post. Highlights of exciting live performances of the VSQ can be found on YouTube. Known for its innovative programming, the Quartet is committed to performing a wide range of repertoire, from beloved classics to neglected masterpieces. The VSQ has championed contemporary American composers in premieres and recordings, including works by Charles Eakin, Carlton Gamer, Lawrence Leighton Smith, and Augusta Read Thomas. Collaborations with leading chamber musicians has further increased the versatility of the VSQ. These include performances with the American and Fine Arts Quartets, Martin Lovett of the Amadeus Quartet, clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, and pianists James Tocco and Ruth Laredo. The Quartet has recorded for Warner Brothers, Narada, and Northword Press. The Veronika String Quartet served as Artists-in-Residence at Colorado State University-Pueblo for nearly twelve years. The VSQ became a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in 2005. The mission of the VSQ is to foster an appreciation of string quartet music through inspiring performances and Innovative educational programs.