Free or Reduced Price Meal Benefits

This year families will have the opportunity to apply for free or reduced meals on-line, on a paper application, or through the direct certification process.

SY 2014 Process for Distribution and Collection of Meal Benefit Applications

Direct Certification
Nutrition Services will conduct Direct Certification on July 15, August 8, and September 10. Students who receive free meal benefits based on Direct Certification will be notified by mail in early August. Those students and students living in their household do not need to complete another application for benefits.

On-line application
Available for all students July1, 2013
Families may apply for meal benefits on-line through the link on the home page of the Pueblo City Schools website or the link on the Nutrition Services page. We hope that many parents will take advantage of this opportunity to speed up the 
application process and receive benefits faster. Parents can visit the cafeteria on August 23 for assistance if necessary.

Paper Applications
Because families have the opportunity to apply for meal benefits prior to the first day of school we would like to use a targeted distribution process for meal benefit applications.  

1. Nutrition Services will provide schools with a list of the students who have not submitted a meal benefit application two weeks prior to start date for that school.

2. On the first day of school. A paper application will be sent home with each of the students on that list and any new students to the school after August 30.

3. It is our goal to collect the maximum number of completed applications on the second day of school.

4. A report of students who have not submitted an application will be emailed weekly to the Cafeteria or Team Leader and the school secretary to assist with collection efforts.

Temporary Eligibility
Students who attended Pueblo City Schools, PSAS or CCA-DHPH during the 2012 school year and were eligible for free or reduced price meals will have a 30 day carry over status period to allow parents time to submit a new application.  

The temporary status for CHPA expires on September 17, 2013

The temporary status for Corwin, Fountain and Goodnight expires on September 24, 2013

The temporary status for PSAS, Pueblo Academy of Arts, and Risley expires on September 27, 2013

The temporary status for Roncalli expires on September 30, 2013

The temporary status for all other schools expires on Oct 9, 2013