Phoenix Acts of Kindness

Thank you from the always best care senior living center staff in West Palm beach Fl. A woman received a card from her grand daughter in Colorado and passed it on to us by bringing a carnation for every woman in our facility for Mother's Day! The world is a better place because of your school thank you from abc senior services

Hello my name is Karrey I made this young ladies birthday cake she gave me a card and on the bottom it said random acts of kindness she was very sweet and for being her age very generous I'm going to pass this card on and always remember this young lady pueblo co, she's very kind and when she picked up her cake for her birthday party wore her pueblo academy of arts shirt proud to be a Phoenix 

I got from a girl named marissa i locked my keys in the car and she helped me get the out and the she gave me one of the kindness cards then gave one to a stanger my name is kristen and im a doctor in pueblo Colorado

I got the act of kindness card in my mentor class Daniel Elliss Pueblo,co

My name is Brian and i am a police officer in Pueblo, CO. I received a card from a stranger who paid for my meal this past weekend and gave it to the cashier to hand off to me. They walked off before I got to say thank you or get their name but I wanted to reach out and say thanks to the kind stranger who bought my dinner after a very long shift. Great job PAA! What you are doing for this town means a lot

The way i got it is through my niece Aleesa Bean... The card made my day because one i never got thigs from school nor my niece and she said she is glad to give it to me..

This young lady was so genrous and kind to me and my family. By making sure that my families mail got to the right house so one time I Had stop her ask her name and she repled Emilee so. I am glad to be there any time to see What she'll do next. - Newmoie hallway

My name is Kim Sanchez from ABQ, NM. Once a month my husband an I make the 7 hour trip from NM to Denver for my chemo treatments we rarely stop in pueblo but with the snow and rain that day our tire went flat and we had to stop at the loaf n jug on sante fe ave. my husband has a bad back so it's already hard for him to change our tire but with the rain it was hard for him to grip the tools. A man and his son were parked next to us and saw my husband having a hard time and offered to change it for us. When the man was almost finished the boy jumped out of his dad's truck and gave me a hug and handed me a card that said "you have never really lived until you have done something in the name of selfless love for someone in need who can never truly repay you." I can't say I will pass this card on cuz I would like to save is as a reminder of how much that moment meant to me my husband and our struggle but I can say with confidence that I will share this story and let others know that we hear what they say about Pueblo and it couldn't be further from the truth! Thank you with love Kim Sanchez Albuquerque, NM

I got my Phoenix Acts of Kindness card from Nykenna Larsen. It was like so inspirational man. I am so glad she gave it me. I have been given some really great advice and it told me to breathe in inspiration and trust myself. My goal is to give this card to someone who needs it. I want other people to breathe in the inspiration like I have. #PassTheKindness #PhoenixActsofKindessCard #BreatheInTheInspiration #TrustYourself